AOA flaunt their slender body lines for GQ Korea

25 Jul

AOA members SeolHyun, ChoA, and HyeJeong have a sexy pictorial for fashion magazine GQ Korea and flaunt their body lines. The girls are wearing different outfits such as cropped tops, leather and denim hot pants. While the members have various sexy poses for the camera, their tiny and slender waists are attracting attention as well. […]

Yoonhoo Surprises and Delights Viewers with His Maturity

24 Jul

Yoonhoo Surprises and Delights Viewers with His Maturity

On July 24, the producers of MBC’s celebrity program “Dad! Where Are We Going?” released a picture of Yoonhoo tending to Sung Dong Il’s daughter Sung Bin as if he were her older brother. According to the crew, while looking at new plants at an eco park Yoonhoo struck a protective and manly pose, looking […]

Idols Starring in Films for Second Half of 2014 Include T.O.P, Sulli, D.O, Dohee and More

23 Jul

More and more idols have started to make their names known through acting, also known as ‘acting idols.’ ZE:A’s Im Siwan earned praise for his role in “The Attorney,” B1A4’s Jinyoung received a lot of love for his part in “Miss Granny,” and increasing numbers of idol actors are showing their abilities to act through […]

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun films shower scene for ‘Me?’ mini album

22 Jul

It seems that Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun will make her solo debut soon with the name ‘HA:TFELT’. She’s seen stripping down in the teaser video and films a shower scene in the teaser video below, check out the teaser video below: Daily K Pop News | Latest K-Pop News Website Source

7 Crazy Drama Plots You Have to See to Believe!

21 Jul

We all know that we have to suspend a little bit of disbelief when watching dramas. I mean, all the lead characters are drop-dead gorgeous, surgeons are in their early 20s, and it takes half the series for characters to learn that they’re in love with the same woman/man or that the person in front […]

B1A4′s 5th Mini Album Soothes the Soul

21 Jul

B1A4′s 5th Mini Album Soothes the Soul

B1A4 has come a long since their Let’s Fly debut album. Not only have they progressed in style – leaving the insane aegyo behind — but they have also progressed musically. Solo Day is the group’s 5th mini album and every track has lyrics penned by the members. Not only that, but the musical composition […]

JYP Entertainment shares video of 2PM’s Jun.K & Wooyoung

20 Jul

JYP Entertainment uploaded a video of 2PM‘s Jun.K and Wooyoung for ‘Real 2PM.’ On the video, Jun.K was in a car heading to his fan meeting for ‘NO LOVE.’ Jun.K brought his fans to the behind-the-scenes of the event. Meanwhile, Wooyoung featured Bali, Indonesia where he went for a photo shoot and at the zoo […]

N-SONIC’s ‘Pop Beyond’ dance practice

19 Jul

After the release of the dance version MV of their latest song ‘Pop Beyond,’ N-SONIC uploaded a video while they were practicing its dance version. Watch their dance practice below: written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.netSOURCE: C2KEntNSONIC Daily K Pop News | Latest K-Pop News Website Source

A Pink Confirmed for Third Season of “Showtime”

18 Jul

According to MBC Every1 on July 18, girl group A Pink has been confirmed for the third season of MBC reality program “Showtime,” to be called “A Pink’s Showtime.” “Showtime” is a show where idol groups answer direct questions from fans and carry out various missions and tasks. The previous two seasons featured male idol […]

“Confession” Actors Joo Ji Hoon and The BOSS’ Jay Show Off Their Resemblance

17 Jul

“Confession” Actors Joo Ji Hoon and The BOSS’ Jay Show Off Their Resemblance

Joo Ji Hoon and The BOSS’ Jay, who play the roles of In Cheol and In Cheol’s younger counterpart in the movie “Confession,” have revealed a selfie from the ending party for the film, where they indeed look very much alike. “It was a great honor for me to be Joo Ji Hoon’s younger counterpart […]