Spend Time with Giriboy’s “Back and Forth 30min”

26 Mar

Spend Time with Giriboy’s “Back and Forth 30min”

K-pop has never been a truly distinct musical genre, strictly speaking. This isn’t unique to K-pop; any country’s pop music scene is like a powerful ocean, tossing fans back and forth 0n the waves of ever-changing trends. Whether we’re currently obsessing over sugary-sweet songs like “Gee” or anticipating a dubstep breakdown in every groups’ newest single, […]

miss A reveals Suzy teaser images for ‘Colors’ comeback

24 Mar

Suzy who has been the main topic of discussion since yesterday, revealed teaser images for miss A’s comeback. She is seen posing in pink bathrobe in the photos attached, holding a hairdryer while posing besides a bathtub, do you anticipate miss A’s comeback on 30th March? Daily K Pop News | Latest K-Pop News Website […]

Vote in Viki’s ‘March Madness’ and Win Big!

22 Mar

It’s March and madness is in the air! In honor of basketball brackets, we made a Viki-style tournament of your favorite drama stars. It’s going to be a fierce competition of fandom, so get ready to support the star you think should reign supreme. We’re kicking it off with a “Sweet Sixteen” round, with actors […]

Ask Halmoni: Love and Life Advice From the Master of Straight Talk!

20 Mar

Welcome to Viki’s new sage — “Halmoni”! As you will learn, Halmoni is a no-nonsense straight shooter who tells it like it is. If you’re in need of practical life and love advice, served with a side of delicious homemade kimchi, you’re in the right place. Email AskHalmoni@gmail.com for a chance to have her answer […]

V.O.S Hopes to Meet You Again “Someday”

19 Mar

V.O.S Hopes to Meet You Again “Someday”

It’s time for another old school group to make their comeback! V.O.S sung their hearts out in their new release, “Someday”, proving that talent only gets better with age. Unfortunately for them, in the context of this song, some relationships do not.(…)Read the rest of V.O.S Hopes to Meet You Again “Someday” (782 words) © […]

Best of Weekly Music Shows: 3/9 – 3/15

17 Mar

We’re into the second week of March, and the comebacks just keep coming. The most anticipated comeback of this week was likely Ga-in’s solo, but there were also some lesser known artists’ returns such as Mad Town, Shannon and Stellar. Meanwhile, Shinhwa swept up this week’s music show awards, taking home the trophies from Wednesday’s […]

BIGBANG’s teaser video for ‘2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD’

15 Mar

BIGBANG dropped a teaser video for ‘2015 WELCOMING COLLECTION DVD.’ The DVD will include making film, photo book, table calendar, wall calendar, diary, mini-photo card, and postcards. It will also have subtitles in Korean, English and Chinese. You can pre-order it on their official eshop for $ 39.92 USD, but it will be released on […]

5 Subunits That Need to Happen

13 Mar

5 Subunits That Need to Happen

Idol groups are carefully crafted in order to ensure that they are as marketable and well-rounded as possible. Each group tries its best to meet the requirements of stellar dancing, powerful vocals, appealing rapping and stunning visuals. In each group, there are always a handful of members who seem to bounce off each other’s creativity […]

Pre-Order Official UNITE THE MIC Toronto Merchandise Now!

11 Mar

Pre-Order Official UNITE THE MIC Toronto Merchandise Now!

We have opened up our pre-order for the official Ailee / Jay Park / San E Unite the Mic Toronto merchandise! This is your only opportunity to purchase Unite the Mic Toronto merchandise, as it will NOT be available at Massey Hall. Merchandise is available until March 19, 2015 at 11:59pm EST. All pre-orders must be […]

British Singer Ed Sheeran to Make Acting Debut in Bollywood!

9 Mar

Abhishek Bachchan, Farah Khan and Ed Sheeran becoming fast friends (Photos source: Farah Khan’s Twitter) Could one of today’s hottest young singer-songwriters be making his acting debut in Bollywood? Ed Sheeran, the award-winning British singer of “The A Team” and “Thinking Out Loud” fame, might’ve just landed his first acting role. After performing to a […]